Warm weather, spicy tuna.

So today Jon and I celebrated our two year anniversary that takes place tomorrow. We went up to the MN Zoo in Apple Valley and then decided to make Sushi at home for our dinner.

Today’s high was around 96 I believe, with the “fees like” temp hitting around 101. Not generally a day you would decide to go to the zoo, yet we did. I enjoy the zoo so much though, unfortunately with the humidity and the sleeping animals our trip was shorter than normal. Luckily we did get to see the dolphins and an awesome butterfly garden.

We went to Cub to buy our sushi ingredients and then came home and made Spicy Tuna Rolls and spring rolls (with shrimp). We both really enjoyed making the sushi as well as eating it. I’ll need to experiment a little with both to make them have more flavor, but for the first time I’m very content with the outcome. Moreso, we enjoy being able to make food we like for a fraction of the cost it would be going out for dinner.

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