Pacifier Clips: Packers vs Vikings

I was so excited about making these pacifier clips, especially after I discovered how simple and quick they are to make. In less than an hour I had made 5 of them!

I purchased the clips (also known as suspender clips) on Amazon. Thanks to my Prime 2 day shipping they arrived today and I was set. I took scrap fabric from the hooded towels I’ve made and I sewed them up following the steps from a blog post I found off of Pinterest. I plan to make several more and share, but first thought I’d show the Packer spirit (and that I made a few Viking ones for family and friends in MN).

Here they are. And I might I add….Go, Pack, Go!



Hooded Baby Towel: Clothesline Design

My sister just recently delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl.  I decided to make both niece and my husband’s cousin’s daughter (born earlier this year) hooded towels in a very pretty, pastel girl pattern. I love how these turned out!

Hooded Baby Towel - Clothesline Design

I used a brown towel (from Target) and a matching hand towel. I noticed in doing these towels how much I really enjoy working on them and they make a special gift when I embroider their name on them. I work at NoteworthyNotes in Chicago so I have access to a machine which is a huge bonus!

A Whole New Dress!

Weddings are always such an enjoyable event, even more so when you can be a part of it as a bridesmaid or groomsmen. At this point in my life I’ve had the honor of standing up in three weddings, two more in this next year. The one thing that I always find to be a bummer is that you spend a good amount of money on the dress, yet you generally only have the opportunity to wear it once.

One of the dresses I wore for a friends wedding in ’09  was such a gorgeous gown; floor length pink & brown . I decided this summer that when I would have some time over winter I would hopefully shorten the dress and make it a more “all occasion” or somewhat formal dress. Inspired to make this project happen over the long weekend I started cutting the dress and sewing the length I wanted.

Overall it wasn’t too much of a challenge. The only struggle I had was making sure the back and front were even and straight. Besides that, the sewing went well and I’m very excited with the outcome.

Here’s the before & after of the gown.

And here’s a shot of the back with the shortened sashes.