Blog Review: The Post Punk Kitchen

Reading through a post from on the top 10 suggested blogs for vegan cooking I came across Post Punk Kitchen. The purpose of the blog is to provide recipes, books and advice for vegan eaters. Although I’m not a vegan I enjoy trying new foods, especially in the last year as I try to figure out what foods are causing my stomach to be upset.

Skimming through a few of the posts I discovered there are a variety of recipes I’d like to suggest and try out myself. Not only do they seem simple to make they also look very tasty! Hopefully I’ll be able to make a few of these recipes in the future, and maybe you will too.

The first is for Orange Cranberry Muffins. Some of the ingredients called for include orange juice, cranberries, flour, vanilla and almond extract. Here’s a picture preview from Post Punk Kitchen.

The second recipe I’m tempted to try has an ingredient you either like or dislike – pumpkin. I enjoy pumpkin pie, bars and I’ve even attempted to make pumpkin cookies a few years ago. This recipe for Pumpkin French Toast includes some of my favorite spices: ginger, cloves & cinnamon.

Lastly I found a recipe for Baked Onion Rings. This past summer my husband and I once again attempted to make onion rings in our deep fryer. Not only did they fail, they were filled with oil. Thus, I’m tempted to try this recipe for a healthier, easier approach to making onion rings.