While the city sleeps

Being a morning person definitely has its advantages. One morning, rising early, I decided to adventure around our neighborhood and travel downtown to see the city. Being Saturday no one was really out and about so it was the perfect setting to capture some iconic Chicago landscapes.

I went to Wrigley which happens to be just blocks from our house and took this picture.


After taking that picture I was able to head downtown. One I’d like to share from that visit was at the iconic “bean” where typically on any given day there are hundreds of people. Luckily this morning I was one out of ten up and checking things out.

The Bean

Procrastination at it’s best…

So, for the past two evenings I’ve been meaning to clean our upstairs spare bedroom. There are literally 4 piles of unfolded, un-ironed clothes. I’m going to blame the extreme humid temp for the reason I’m staying in the basement. I’ve been spending much needed time in Photoshop, editing pictures for friends and for myself.

When we move I’m very eager to revamp our decor, including the photography. I’ve taken so many pictures that I want to display around our apartment so I’ve been motivated (if that’s what you want to call my excuse for cleaning) to edit some favorites. Enjoy!

[nggallery id=14]

Fall is Over??

I’m quite upset to feel the cold weather already here, along with 2 inch. of snow earlier this week. I wish I had more opportunity to enjoy the Fall weather and the changing of the leaves. Instead, leaves are frozen on the ground.

I’m looking forward to warmer weather within the next few days. Hopefully my “fall travel” for work will be just that, instead of cold mornings scraping the windows on the car.

While traveling for work this year I was able to snatch a few pictures one morning in Red Wing, MN. However, the camera batteries didn’t have much life in them so hopefully I can work on that glitch for next time.

I hope to pumpkin carve in a week or so. I’ll make sure to post pictures!

Morning in the city.