The Making of a Black & Tan

If you a beer lover, especially those of the darker brew, I’d recommend either ordering a Black & Tan at your next outting. Better yet, by purchasing the ingredients needed you can make them at home!

My husband and I received a Lagerhead Black & Tan Turtle , a key ingredient to making the perfect Black & Tan at your house. You will also want:

  • 1 Bass Pale Ale (or other preferred pale ale)
  • 1 part Guinness (or dark stout of your choice)

The key to making a successful Black & Tan is to pour the pale ale in the glass first, making sure there is a lot of head.

Then, slowly add the Guinness to the glass.

This will create the “half & half” look.

Remove the Turtle (making sure he doesn’t go for a swim) and enjoy!