Cupcake Stands

For my sister’s wedding I volunteered to make cupcake stands for her reception. She is planning to serve cupcakes instead of cake and I thought what better way to be crafty & save money than find a way for me to make them instead of having to purchase ones at the store or online.

The local Jo Ann’s store in town is moving to a new location and was having a blowout sale. I ended up buying all the materials, besides the glue gun & glue, this past Sunday. Everything I purchased was 90% off so the fabric that was originally was $9.99 a yard was around .99. Also, most of Styrofoam purchased was under a dollar a piece instead of anywhere between $3.00 – $8.00. Overall I estimate that the total to make both projects has been around $20.00 which I’m still very excited about!

So, here are the supplies you will need if you are interested in putting together a cupcake stand.

  • Circle or square Styrofoam pieces.
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • scissors
  • fabric
  • ribbon

Now, here’s how I put these stands together….

First I decided what I wanted the end result to look like. With the assumption there will be about 120 cupcakes or so I wanted to make sure there were enough levels. I do have additional materials to make small round stands, 1 tier high, if needed.

The next step was deciding my color pattern and I cut out the needed fabric.

Using a hot glue gun I attached the fabric to the Styrofoam pieces.

I then glued the ribbon on the “pillar” portion of the stand, as well as along the edges of the “stand” portion.

(stand portion)

(small “pillar” portions)

After covering all pieces I assembled them together using the glue gun.

Now, to add the cupcakes!