Stop Snowing!

So I woke up this morning just to see treesnows and cars covered, once again, in snow. When will this end? I love the next week coming up because its the week before Valentines day.I would like to think it would be warm, dry ground, with bright colors. Well, it is bright outside, it is not necessarily as warm or dry as I’d imagined. Hopefully in the next few days the sun will be out and the snow will melt.
It’s been awhile (surprise surprise) since I’ve posted. Here’s a picture a few weeks back when the snow just kept on falling. A lot of this has melted since then because we had a few long days of rain.

One of my weekend projects is to get some more baking/cooking pictures up on my page. It’s been far to long since I’ve done anything of the sorts.

Happy Feb. everyone!

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