Spring spring SPRING!

Spring is finally here! The snow is out of sight and green grass is growing everywhere. This year we have a yard to take care of – not only grass but plants and a garden. I’m very excited to start my very first garden, from seed to plant (hopefully) within the next few months. This past weekend over Easter Jon and I were able to enjoy time together and enjoy the holiday. I was also able to enjoy some nice Sunday weather in the front yard working with the landscape. The place we are house sitting for is going to be alot of outside hands on work this summer but I’m not complaining. Not only will I get to experience what it would be like to keep up on yard work I get the opportunity to pick what garden veggies we would like to grow. Not knowing when the last spring frost may occur I started to plant a few seeds, hoping that I did it the right way. As patient as I am sometimes (not), my hope is that in a week or so I may just see a little green sprout.

Besides getting ready to do outdoor things I spent some of the weekend inside cleaning the house. I finally decided to go through some final boxes we have continued to move in the past few years from place to place. Now three boxes sit ready to be given to a thrift store. I also was able to get rid of a few clothes items and change out winter clothes for spring summer. Out of all the seasons in the year for some reason spring just puts me in an awesome mood. New life, changes that you can make and clean out negative things going on. I really enjoy the mild weather changes and the fact that every day gives me a little bit more sun – except for rainy days like today.

I’m really going to make a change to try and do more with this blog. I know i say that all the time, however, I am trying to be more productive with my time and keep at things. I have a few fun ideas for the future so hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

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