Keeping Organized – Even with Plastic Bags

I try to grocery shop and use canvas bags that I’ve collected over the past years to help save on getting all those plastic bags from the store. However, when I shop at some department stores or Walmart I tend to collect a bunch. In the past I’ve picked up a tip from my grandma who folds her bags and keeps them in a drawer for use later. Not only does it save on space and a mess, it allows me to save several bags for use in our home’s variety of garbage bins.
Today I stumbled across another fold I may give a shot. Thanks to life hacker I can relive the grade school days of folding the flag before hopping on the bus.

For a picture tutorial of how to fold these flag shaped bags check out A lil bird blog spot.


  1. tanya says:

    Thanks Lesa! For some reason it shows under “blog” but not on the individual post. I want to blog tonight so I’m going to just erase the image.

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