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I’ve been doing some reconstruction to my website in the past week. When at my aunt and uncles in Ohio we discussed our blogs we currently have and what are interests are. (Make sure to check out I was inspired to really learn more about WordPress itself, along with what my interest are for my blog. I’ve had this website for a little over 2 years now and I just haven’t put it to its full potential so hopefully that can be a goal of mine to accomplish in the next year. There are so many features to Word Press that I’m unaware of so I hope I can slowly pick up on those as well and incorporate them within my pages.

I’m excited to also have a few other websites I’m working on currently for family. My sister is getting married and I’ve been in charge of her wedding website ( and I’ve also been getting my aunt’s bakery website up and running ( I’m excited for the several different projects I have going on in the upcoming months to both improve my skills in writing creatively as well as continue to find new ways to be creative. Sometimes I wonder why I always have to have projects and can’t just do nothing….

I just recently finished my vacation for the summer with my husband, Jon. We spent time with both of our parents, along with some time in Chicago and Clinton, OH with my aunt and uncle. Surprisingly with all the driving we did (almost 2,000) it went by extremely fast in the car. The week seemed to go by slow with many fun memories I need to journal at some point this week before I forget them. Usually by the end of the week together my husband and I are ready to have time to ourselves and this trip we ended just the opposite. We weren’t sick of each other! I think it just shows that we are able to balance our time on vacation now to do things we are both interested in, as well as take time for ourselves doing our own thing here and there so we have time to just relax without feeling under pressure to entertain the other.

Like every vacation it has to come to an end. We arrived back home to find 2/3 of our garden plants doubled in size. We heard there was quite a wind storm this past week and some of our plants showed the result of that storm. I took some dirt and pushed it against the base of the plant in hopes to support it better and regain its strength.

We do have a few cherry tomatoes and green peppers that I’ve picked so I’m quite excited for that!

I’m going to try and provide a picture with each post I have so today I’ll share some from the garden because I’m so proud of my first garden!

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  1. Lesa says:

    Woohoo on the first tomatoes and peppers, it’s so nice when you get food from the garden – nothing tastes as good.

    I think the idea of pictures with each post keeps it interesting for the reader.

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