Friday Finds

I’m at Barnes & Noble this evening. Yes, it’s Friday night and I’m estatic to be sitting at Barnes & Noble. Sometimes I get in the mood to come here and just sit for hours. Like a kid in a candy store there are so many options, so many things I would love to take home. Yet, the advantage to Barnes & Noble is that I can look at a variety of books & magazines – scrapbooking, card making, travel, cooking & baking and much more- and can leave without spending money. Well, at least most of the time I leave without spending money….and traditionally we each buy a moche or coffee for our stay.

Tonight I’m going to focus on ideas for my sisters wedding and possible gift items/food my aunt could make for the bakery. I have a website I maintain for her ( and I really want to push it forward to the next step. The challenge I sometimes have is finding or creating interesting content for the page. I don’t really know how many people at this time view it but I’m trying to figure out how to do so. My theory is that if more people check out the page they will indeed check out the bakery and it can become more profitable. Thus, I probably should expand my evening collection of material to include an article or two on promoting small business or creative web advertising. Wish me luck!

I believe I’ve been keeping up quite well with my blog these days. What I’m lacking is content on the other pages here – especially the baking and cooking. I hope to possibly change that this weekend. Even after many changes to my site I’m still doing research into WordPress. I’d like to post recipes on here but in an organized way so I’m trying to discover what is the best way to go about that. If you are familiar with or aware of any WordPress apps I could use to manage my recipes I’d be excited to hear your suggestions!

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