Easter, Spring & fun things!

I’ve been quite excited for spring and finally it feels like it has arrived. It may just be Easter is right around the corner as well – which means I get to stay home and do absolutely nothing for three whole days!
Recently Jon accepted a job in town so we don’t have to move – very exciting! We aren’t sure what path to go down next as far as where to live or what we want to do…but hopefully that can get figured out within the next few weeks. Other than that we have been planning our trip to Boston. I’ve been doing some research and figuring out places to eat and whatnot – but part of me just doesn’t want to plan. I want…wait I need…the adventure to take place.

Jon will soon be a graduate, of which he is very excited I think. He has worked so hard and accomplished so much – but is ready for the working world. Hopefully he will enjoy his time off before that starts though. I know I enjoyed being able to sleep in and just relax for a few weeks before starting my job.

We are celebrating 8 months today – and I’m so thankful. It finally feels like we are married and things are just falling into place. I’m happy for that. In the last few weeks I have tried to focus on being positive and enjoying life – making the most out of what I have. I have tried to not think about what bad could happen, but what great things may happen. It has really helped us grow more as a couple and just remember the reason we took our vows in the first place!

I’ve been doing a lot of experimental cooking (with Jon’s assistance) and it’s been alot of fun. We have liked most of the food, but some we have made note to not try again. I think this weekend is another time we will try something new and see what we think.

In other news, if I haven’t said it yet, my sister is engaged. I’m very very excited for that. I don’t know the exact day of the wedding, but I’m ready to plan and help out whenever. I love weddings! Besides that I’ve been absolutely addicted to Cribbage. I am starting to understand the game and strategies – hopefully I’ll beat my brother 3 games straight soon.

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