Hello, I’m Ava Birth Announcement

This birth announcement is somewhat designed after some I saw online and really liked. Just a simple picture of a newborn with colorful text.

I just love this picture of her and it was one of my sister’s favorite outfits she puts her in – navy and coral. She also just started opening her eyes more so I was happy I captured that!

Hello, I'm Ava

{Gasow Homan Wedding}

Yet another beautiful family wedding! My husband’s brother said “I Do” over the weekend. Being in the wedding it’s hard to always have the chance to be the photographer but here are a few favorites I’ve done some editing to in Photoshop.

The Eyes to My Soul

Art and it’s interpretation is all based on individual taste. I personally can’t draw, as much as I wish I could. Today I decided to take a self portrait and create art that appears drawn, however everything is digital.