While the city sleeps

Being a morning person definitely has its advantages. One morning, rising early, I decided to adventure around our neighborhood and travel downtown to see the city. Being Saturday no one was really out and about so it was the perfect setting to capture some iconic Chicago landscapes.

I went to Wrigley which happens to be just blocks from our house and took this picture.


After taking that picture I was able to head downtown. One I’d like to share from that visit was at the iconic “bean” where typically on any given day there are hundreds of people. Luckily this morning I was one out of ten up and checking things out.

The Bean

Finding Fall In the City

This is my first Fall in the Windy City. In past years when traveling for work I would make a point to get outside for walks and take pictures of the changing of the leaves and the different signs it was turning from summer to fall. It’s been pretty warm here (still in the 70s this week) so it seems strange that it’s actually already the middle of October this week. Hope you enjoy some fall photos I took – and a different look at a busy city.


Yet another evening of no scrapbooking or cardmaking. I’m afraid it’s going to get away from me once again this week. Instead I’ve decided to take a few minutes tonight to look through the computer files for any images I’ve really deemed “awesome” that depict different scenes or locations of water that bring back memories.

I’ve taken the original and did a few edits to give it a new life. It’s been fun to remember each location and the memories made there. Enjoy!