Hello, I’m Ava Birth Announcement

This birth announcement is somewhat designed after some I saw online and really liked. Just a simple picture of a newborn with colorful text.

I just love this picture of her and it was one of my sister’s favorite outfits she puts her in – navy and coral. She also just started opening her eyes more so I was happy I captured that!

Hello, I'm Ava

While the city sleeps

Being a morning person definitely has its advantages. One morning, rising early, I decided to adventure around our neighborhood and travel downtown to see the city. Being Saturday no one was really out and about so it was the perfect setting to capture some iconic Chicago landscapes.

I went to Wrigley which happens to be just blocks from our house and took this picture.


After taking that picture I was able to head downtown. One I’d like to share from that visit was at the iconic “bean” where typically on any given day there are hundreds of people. Luckily this morning I was one out of ten up and checking things out.

The Bean

I’m at a pay phone

Recently took this photo while waiting to get on the CTA. Classic, yet so out of place in a city where everyone has smartphones!

Memories of Home

Sometimes while walking around my parents house I forgot how beautiful it is because I grew up in the country. Now that I live in the city I enjoy taking pictures from around the yard so I can have keepsakes of the wonderful memories from home. Summers full of raspberries and other fresh fruit, the quietness of the country and the smell of cornfields.

Max The Energetic Puppy

My parents recently added a new member to the family – a little puppy named Max. Such a cutie and very energetic. The thing I observed the most while there this past weekend was his love for the cat and attacking it any time he could!