Wedding Scrapbook: Part Two

I thought I would share the second portion of some of the scrapbook pages created for my sister’s wedding album. Here are a few of my other favorites.

{Cake & Cupcakes}

She made her own cake and all the cupcakes. Using my Cricut I cut oversized letters to add something more to this page.

{Unity Candle}

I would have to say this is one of my favorite pages because of the different colors and patterns used. I also stamped the flower shown in the  upper left corner and used a red marker to outline it, creating a similar flower to the pattern on some of the paper used.

{Black and White}

I love black and white pictures. It creates a sharp, classy look. I also incorporated grey patterned paper for this layout.


Wedding Scrapbooking: Part One

Last May my sister got married and I showcased some of the pictures from her wedding. I enjoyed editing the images, however the past weekend I thoroughly enjoyed scrapbooking them for her. As a birthday gift (she has an August b-day)/Christmas gift I am giving her a wedding scrapbook. Here are a few pages from the book.

I finally spent a day using the Cricut (Sweethearts cartridge, Schoolbook font & Essential Accents).I also tried to incorporate her wedding colors as much as possible so you will see several different shades of green and purple or colors within those families!


Love this image so much. The unique angle of the picture allowed me to either do a portrait layout or landscape. I opted for the landscape for the cool effect/focus on the bubble. I actually chose the background paper based on the colors from the bubble as well (red,blue & green).

{Pretty Polka Dot}

I loved how the saturation levels I chose for the top right image turned out. To balance things out and also take the speckles from the wall behind the grinning groom and flower girl and miniature bride I decided to go with a sandstone polka dot pattern.


I was trying to not cram pictures onto a single page. I did have a third which would have worked great because there are three of us kids but I really felt two said enough and showed how we can all be serious and goofy as siblings. I symbolized the “three kids” by choosing three different patterns for paper on the left and placing the text “siblings 4 ever friends” to accompany the two pictures.

{First Dance}

One of the fun things about scrapbooking is that you don’t always have to stick to stickers, the Cricut or embellishments. I enjoy using the computer, using different fonts, to decorate a page. Using Photoshop I created a 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 box to outline my image. I also printed “Our First Dance” on the page. This page literally took me 5 minutes to create and it’s in my top 10 so far of pages I made for the book.

Anniversary Scrapbook

A few years ago my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. While editing pictures for a slideshow for their party I really enjoyed seeing all the places they have traveled, memories they have in pictures (and not to mention the changing over the years with hairstyle and fashion). I decided it would be fun to start a yearly tradition with my husband to create a 2 page layout that recapped the year of marriage we just celebrated. And yes – he agreed he would help!

The main purpose of this book is to have memories in 50 years to look back on and see where we have been, what we all have done and of course for me the different hairstyles and fashion. The way we go about this each year is that I chose the pictures and get them printed in time our anniversary week rolls around and then my husband helps chose the paper we will use. It’s the one time I’m not specific about layout because I’m really happy he has decided to scrapbook with me one time a year. In the end I adhere all the photos and clue the pictures down, write the captions and put the pages in our book. It’s a wonderful way to say ” I love you” without needing a gift.

I still need to do the journal part of this, as well as little fun facts or things we learned throughout the year but here’s our (almost completed) page:

Black & White Simple Decor

My sister is getting married this spring and for her bachelorette party she wanted a glamorous black and white theme to her evening.

So, from the invites, the decorations & the menu I kept things simple but glamorous.

I used basic black and white cardstock to print the invite on and place  ribbon with a white damask pattern on the outside for the invites.

Cutting a flower pattern out of tissue paper I made about 3 dozen paper flowers. I placed them in vases that I wrapped with either wrapping paper or left over ribbon from the invites.

I kept with the damask  theme to create the menu cards for each place setting.

The room itself was already white so I tried to incorporate as many decorations as I could, but really as much black because the walls were white. Many of the decorations came from the dollar store and the fabric came from a thrift store, making everything look nice and also saving me money.

Spicin’ Up the Recipe Box

I decided to do a little redecorating of a recipe box I received from my sister as part of a bridal shower gift. The size is perfect to fit by 4×6 and 3×5 index and recipe cards so I didn’t want to throw it away – just add some color.

I started my project by wiping down the tin container and applying Mod Podge to it. I then applied a layer of pink tissue paper to serve as my background color.

I then started applying pieces of scrapbooking and cardstock paper I had cut up into preferred sizes.After placing the paper where I wanted to on the tin I applied another coat of Mod Podge with a sponge.

I’m very excited for finished product. The colors don’t necessarily go with my kitchen decor, however it will encourage me to get out a recipe and bake or cook. How can I resist opening such a cute little box?

Scrapbooking my husband’s childhood

I spent a few weekends scrapbooking pictures my printed from my wedding of my husband growing up. I enjoyed looking at templates I had in books, along with using some creativity, to create this book for him.

One challenge I face as I scrapbook my own pictures is trying to fill a page and not waste paper. I took a different approach with this album by letting Jon choose all the paper he liked out of a packet I bought and then I tried to take just one picture to tell a story.
I’m very thrilled about the results. Enjoy!

A Book of Memories

For those who know me, I love to scrapbook. I enjoy taking photographs and telling a story on paper, I love mixing colors, I love photography. Last year I had the privilege of being around for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and I actually worked on a sideshow for their  party. While working on these photos I was inspired to create a scrapbook for myself and my husband for our marriage in hopes that in 50 years we can look back and remember all the things we shared together.

I’m all about starting traditions for our family of 2 here since we started dating. For example, on Valentines day Jon isn’t allowed to buy me flowers (unless fake) because they die and they are way overpriced for such a holiday. We also don’t go out to eat- we always plan a meal and Jon cooks it for me usually. So, for our anniversary I thought what better way to say ” I love you” than for Jon to spend about a half hour or so putting together a 2 page scrapbook layout of the previous year of our lives. It’s a fun way to recap all the different activities that took place (great practice for our upcoming christmas letter too!) and just doing something that is not Jon’s top 10 choice activities, but something I really appreciate he does.

I really am looking forward to looking at all of these  in a few years – we’ve been very blessed these past two years to be able to spend time with family, friends and travel around. I anticipate we’ll have many more memories in the upcoming year – especially with two of our siblings getting married, so we shall see what happens!