Simple Stationery

Looking for a fun way to send a note of thanks or greeting? I decided to check out my new printer and the different fonts I’ve recently found and make some colorful stationery to send to family & friends.
Simply take a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and print your greeting. Cut in half and add your desired length and width strip of paper. I actually cut my different strips from a 12×12 sheet of paper and wrapped it around. If you are looking to use scrap paper you can simply use a size that fits the width of your paper.

Anniversary Scrapbook

A few years ago my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. While editing pictures for a slideshow for their party I really enjoyed seeing all the places they have traveled, memories they have in pictures (and not to mention the changing over the years with hairstyle and fashion). I decided it would be fun to start a yearly tradition with my husband to create a 2 page layout that recapped the year of marriage we just celebrated. And yes – he agreed he would help!

The main purpose of this book is to have memories in 50 years to look back on and see where we have been, what we all have done and of course for me the different hairstyles and fashion. The way we go about this each year is that I chose the pictures and get them printed in time our anniversary week rolls around and then my husband helps chose the paper we will use. It’s the one time I’m not specific about layout because I’m really happy he has decided to scrapbook with me one time a year. In the end I adhere all the photos and clue the pictures down, write the captions and put the pages in our book. It’s a wonderful way to say ” I love you” without needing a gift.

I still need to do the journal part of this, as well as little fun facts or things we learned throughout the year but here’s our (almost completed) page:

Kitchen Pantry Coverup

I recently moved into a smaller apartment, allowing me to really think creatively. I want a modern feel to our apartment but with the tight space in the kitchen I’ve had to bring in some bookshelves. In order to keep things looking clean and organized I decided to make a curtain out of green fabric to hide items in the kitchen that aren’t as appealing to the eye.

Tools you will need include

  • A sewing machine (or thread and needle)
  • Curtain Rod
  • Desired fabric

First measure your material for the space you would like to cover. I sewed around the three corners of the material first. Then I folded over the material allowing enough room for the rod to fit in.

Here’s the before and after.



Blog Review: Sweet Shoppe Designs

Cupcakes and scrapbooking – seems like an amazing combo right? Correct! If I’ve intrigued you at this point continue reading!

Lately I’ve been falling behind looking at new layout designs in my RSS feeds so I chose to just do a folder a day to catch up. Today I came across Sweet Shop Designs, an online resources for digital scrapbooking. Not only is it a resource but you can purchase their work for your own  scrapbooking needs. The reason I was first drawn to their page, and for good reason, was their creative layout of sweet treats & cupcakes. Clicking around on their site more I found several layouts I’d be interested in replicating with paper and my own embellishments.

So, if you are interested in purchasing some products, looking into their community forum, or looking at some examples of work others have done in their gallery, take some time and check out their site.

The following example was one of my favorites, found in the gallery. Love the colors & layout idea:

Black & White Simple Decor

My sister is getting married this spring and for her bachelorette party she wanted a glamorous black and white theme to her evening.

So, from the invites, the decorations & the menu I kept things simple but glamorous.

I used basic black and white cardstock to print the invite on and place  ribbon with a white damask pattern on the outside for the invites.

Cutting a flower pattern out of tissue paper I made about 3 dozen paper flowers. I placed them in vases that I wrapped with either wrapping paper or left over ribbon from the invites.

I kept with the damask  theme to create the menu cards for each place setting.

The room itself was already white so I tried to incorporate as many decorations as I could, but really as much black because the walls were white. Many of the decorations came from the dollar store and the fabric came from a thrift store, making everything look nice and also saving me money.

Simple Decorations: Flowers!

I’m working on making flowers for my sister’s bachelorette party. I’ve taken black pipe cleaners and white tissue paper. Cutting out a flower pattern on white tissue paper I then layer approximately 20 pieces, poke the pipe cleaner through and staple. I then place them in a clear glass vase I’ve wrapped fabric or wrapping paper around to add more color.

The theme is black and white otherwise I’d make other colors. If you are looking for a simple way to decorate your home you could use these colors or others to add something extra to a room or coffee table.

Cupcake Stands

For my sister’s wedding I volunteered to make cupcake stands for her reception. She is planning to serve cupcakes instead of cake and I thought what better way to be crafty & save money than find a way for me to make them instead of having to purchase ones at the store or online.

The local Jo Ann’s store in town is moving to a new location and was having a blowout sale. I ended up buying all the materials, besides the glue gun & glue, this past Sunday. Everything I purchased was 90% off so the fabric that was originally was $9.99 a yard was around .99. Also, most of Styrofoam purchased was under a dollar a piece instead of anywhere between $3.00 – $8.00. Overall I estimate that the total to make both projects has been around $20.00 which I’m still very excited about!

So, here are the supplies you will need if you are interested in putting together a cupcake stand.

  • Circle or square Styrofoam pieces.
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • scissors
  • fabric
  • ribbon

Now, here’s how I put these stands together….

First I decided what I wanted the end result to look like. With the assumption there will be about 120 cupcakes or so I wanted to make sure there were enough levels. I do have additional materials to make small round stands, 1 tier high, if needed.

The next step was deciding my color pattern and I cut out the needed fabric.

Using a hot glue gun I attached the fabric to the Styrofoam pieces.

I then glued the ribbon on the “pillar” portion of the stand, as well as along the edges of the “stand” portion.

(stand portion)

(small “pillar” portions)

After covering all pieces I assembled them together using the glue gun.

Now, to add the cupcakes!


This past winter I learned how to crochet hats. At first I wasn’t grasping the pattern you follow for the first section (top) of the hat but my friend Maggie patiently helped out and also sent me a link with a tutorial on YouTube.

It takes me approximately 1 hour to do a hat and I’ve used a variety of different yarns and different sized hooks. Here’s what they look like standing up:

Here’s the YouTube Video if you are interested in a learning and making one for yourself!

Simple Photoshop Valentine

Here’s the Valentine I created for my husband today using photo of us & a few minutes in Photoshop.

Using a blank canvas I chose different shades of pink for the backdrop. I created squares and a fun font to write “L.O.V.E”. The left hand side strip has a texture applied to it. I also saturated our picture for this layout.

Taking clipart from online I used a heart pattern and changed the opacity levels so it was hardly visible. Here’s the end result!

Guest Book Revamp

My sister is getting married this May and I finally got around to working on re-vamping a guestbook my mom gave me to use. The original had the same white ribbon (but more of it) and a flower with beads in the center. Using the wedding colors I took a few items from my craft supplies, a glue gun & went to work. I’m really excited about the end result!