This past winter I learned how to crochet hats. At first I wasn’t grasping the pattern you follow for the first section (top) of the hat but my friend Maggie patiently helped out and also sent me a link with a tutorial on YouTube.

It takes me approximately 1 hour to do a hat and I’ve used a variety of different yarns and different sized hooks. Here’s what they look like standing up:

Here’s the YouTube Video if you are interested in a learning and making one for yourself!

All in a days work

Yesterday my husband and I went over to one of our good friends house. While there I was able to properly learn how to crochet. Long story short it took a few tries to break my wrong habbit of crocheting and now, not only do I know how to properly do a double stitch, I know how to complete a hat! So, thank you Maggie for your patience and assistance. I’m planning on making a few hats for my husband and myself for the winter season. Here’s my first one!