Basketball Birthday Invitation

My nephew turned one this past June and my sister-in-law wanted to do a basketball themed party. Here are two of the invitations I designed for her. I thought it would be cute to incorporate her modern taste by adding chevron and then doing a basketball instead of the “o” in one, all while using the color she requested of orange and navy.


In addition to the invitation, I also designed “Rookie of the Year” cards for party guests.


I printed them 2 to a photo of a 4×6 photo from Walgreens, cut them down and backed them with orange paper.


Hello, I’m Ava Birth Announcement

This birth announcement is somewhat designed after some I saw online and really liked. Just a simple picture of a newborn with colorful text.

I just love this picture of her and it was one of my sister’s favorite outfits she puts her in – navy and coral. She also just started opening her eyes more so I was happy I captured that!

Hello, I'm Ava

Pretty in Pink Birth Announcement

I created this Pretty in Pink script birth announcement idea for my niece. I love the font combination and the way the baby’s name scrolls off the page to the left and write in the script font.

This beautiful image was taken this past weekend. I took several photos of my niece, but enjoyed adding different filters to make this bright dress toned down and focus more on the adorable baby wearing it!

pinkstercreations original design

pinkstercreations original design

Pacifier Clips: Packers vs Vikings

I was so excited about making these pacifier clips, especially after I discovered how simple and quick they are to make. In less than an hour I had made 5 of them!

I purchased the clips (also known as suspender clips) on Amazon. Thanks to my Prime 2 day shipping they arrived today and I was set. I took scrap fabric from the hooded towels I’ve made and I sewed them up following the steps from a blog post I found off of Pinterest. I plan to make several more and share, but first thought I’d show the Packer spirit (and that I made a few Viking ones for family and friends in MN).

Here they are. And I might I add….Go, Pack, Go!



Hooded Baby Towel: Clothesline Design

My sister just recently delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl.  I decided to make both niece and my husband’s cousin’s daughter (born earlier this year) hooded towels in a very pretty, pastel girl pattern. I love how these turned out!

Hooded Baby Towel - Clothesline Design

I used a brown towel (from Target) and a matching hand towel. I noticed in doing these towels how much I really enjoy working on them and they make a special gift when I embroider their name on them. I work at NoteworthyNotes in Chicago so I have access to a machine which is a huge bonus!

Cupcakes and Cocktails Bridal Shower Invitation

So many things pair well together in life…wine & cheese, chocolate and wine, cookies and milk or beer and a burger…. I could go on and on. When thinking about this couple in specific; two close friends to myself and my husband, I figured what better way to celebrate their upcoming wedding than to give them a shower with two things they love in addition to each other – cupcakes and cocktails.

I designed the invitation with a color scheme very popular this spring, and it actually turned out it was very close to the couple’s wedding color as well. ( I hope the bride didn’t mind!). The cocktails were designed by our friend Ryan who played bartender for the evening, and the cupcakes came from Molly’s and also from my kitchen and my co-host for the evening, Emily.


Emily made a Guinness Stout Cupcake and I made my famous Strawberry Margarita cupcakes. Must I say not only do I love these cupcakes, but the recipe that I discovered on Pinterest is from a blog title homemadebyholman. SO close to my name it was just meant to be. I’ve made the cupcakes twice and both time they were amazing and delicious.

Here are some pictures of the decor. Emily did an amazing sign on the burlap letter signs above our cupcake display!



Wedding Scrapbook: Part Two

I thought I would share the second portion of some of the scrapbook pages created for my sister’s wedding album. Here are a few of my other favorites.

{Cake & Cupcakes}

She made her own cake and all the cupcakes. Using my Cricut I cut oversized letters to add something more to this page.

{Unity Candle}

I would have to say this is one of my favorite pages because of the different colors and patterns used. I also stamped the flower shown in the  upper left corner and used a red marker to outline it, creating a similar flower to the pattern on some of the paper used.

{Black and White}

I love black and white pictures. It creates a sharp, classy look. I also incorporated grey patterned paper for this layout.


Wedding Scrapbooking: Part One

Last May my sister got married and I showcased some of the pictures from her wedding. I enjoyed editing the images, however the past weekend I thoroughly enjoyed scrapbooking them for her. As a birthday gift (she has an August b-day)/Christmas gift I am giving her a wedding scrapbook. Here are a few pages from the book.

I finally spent a day using the Cricut (Sweethearts cartridge, Schoolbook font & Essential Accents).I also tried to incorporate her wedding colors as much as possible so you will see several different shades of green and purple or colors within those families!


Love this image so much. The unique angle of the picture allowed me to either do a portrait layout or landscape. I opted for the landscape for the cool effect/focus on the bubble. I actually chose the background paper based on the colors from the bubble as well (red,blue & green).

{Pretty Polka Dot}

I loved how the saturation levels I chose for the top right image turned out. To balance things out and also take the speckles from the wall behind the grinning groom and flower girl and miniature bride I decided to go with a sandstone polka dot pattern.


I was trying to not cram pictures onto a single page. I did have a third which would have worked great because there are three of us kids but I really felt two said enough and showed how we can all be serious and goofy as siblings. I symbolized the “three kids” by choosing three different patterns for paper on the left and placing the text “siblings 4 ever friends” to accompany the two pictures.

{First Dance}

One of the fun things about scrapbooking is that you don’t always have to stick to stickers, the Cricut or embellishments. I enjoy using the computer, using different fonts, to decorate a page. Using Photoshop I created a 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 box to outline my image. I also printed “Our First Dance” on the page. This page literally took me 5 minutes to create and it’s in my top 10 so far of pages I made for the book.