Black & White Simple Decor

My sister is getting married this spring and for her bachelorette party she wanted a glamorous black and white theme to her evening.

So, from the invites, the decorations & the menu I kept things simple but glamorous.

I used basic black and white cardstock to print the invite on and place  ribbon with a white damask pattern on the outside for the invites.

Cutting a flower pattern out of tissue paper I made about 3 dozen paper flowers. I placed them in vases that I wrapped with either wrapping paper or left over ribbon from the invites.

I kept with the damask  theme to create the menu cards for each place setting.

The room itself was already white so I tried to incorporate as many decorations as I could, but really as much black because the walls were white. Many of the decorations came from the dollar store and the fabric came from a thrift store, making everything look nice and also saving me money.

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