Basics to Cooking Rice Noodles

My husband and I really enjoy cooking a variety of dishes that include rice. Some of our faves are Red Curry, Pineapple Orange Chicken and General Taos Chicken. As of this past August we have also expanded into the Rice Noodle family for such meals as Sushi and Spring Rolls.

Before making sushi for the first time I didn’t really research what type of noodle to buy or the proper way to cook them. I simply read the package at the store and bought a bag. I have half a bag sitting the cupboard at home, awaiting to be placed in the pot for the next “sushi night” we have. Now, before preparing the meal I’ll consult this article from theKitchen to thank for helpful tips to make it even moreso taste like something from a sushi bar: Cooking Basics: How to Cook Rice Noodles.

For those of you interested in trying a new meal at home I’d definitely recommend giving Sushi or something similar a shot. The ingredients can be found fairy cheap at Cub Foods, or a local Asian market, and the experience of making it is so much fun. I’ve definitely become addicted to trying new foods but also making them at home.

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