Bargains of a Shopaholic


So I went shopping today for a few things – belts, shoes, jewelry & shirts for my husband for work. What happened? Well I heard an ad on the radio for Savers and their 50% all clothes for Veterans day. Needless to say I already have enough clothes from my $6 bag sales back home, I had to just check it out. I had a break this morning between high school visits so I stopped in to just browse and see what they had to offer. GOOD DEALS!

What would a addicted thrifty shopper do? Finish her work for the day and return of course! So I came back and started looking around. Men’s clothes, women’s clothes; clothes, clothes, clothes. So many deals and things to choose from. The funny thing, well at least to me, about my bargain shopping is I start high, say around 7.00 for a shirt or pants. By the end of my shopping I will find something cute and not allow it to enter the cart unless its 3.00. It’s amazing how I won’t accept things on sale for 4.00 even….because it’s not in the budget. Ironic, however, that at the check out none of the 20 items for 3.00 were in my budget, yet they all entered the bag and I left the store.

I’m quite happy with my purchases though. The pink cami that will go over a tank top for a perfect summer outing. The yellow sweater for around christmas season because I just don’t have yellow in my wardrobe yet. The green polka dot sweater for something fun and trendy at work. Can you tell I just make excuses for every shirt. I’m practicing for when I explain to my husband why I needed another shirt after I told myself I wouldn’t buy any more clothes for a year.

To top off the day I watched the CMA’s and saw Tim McGraw. By the end of the night I had two tickets purchased for his concert. He is on my bucketlist. I”M SO EXCITED. I’ve wanted to see this man perform for the past 5 years, and soon my dream will come true. EVEN better than the concert and listening to him and Lady Attebellum is the fact that my husband will be in the seat next to me. I’m so excited!

Alright, time for bed. one final last day of traveling for work for the fall. I’m looking forward to being with Jon for the weekend and in my own bed with my own comfy pillow soon.

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