Anniversary Scrapbook

A few years ago my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. While editing pictures for a slideshow for their party I really enjoyed seeing all the places they have traveled, memories they have in pictures (and not to mention the changing over the years with hairstyle and fashion). I decided it would be fun to start a yearly tradition with my husband to create a 2 page layout that recapped the year of marriage we just celebrated. And yes – he agreed he would help!

The main purpose of this book is to have memories in 50 years to look back on and see where we have been, what we all have done and of course for me the different hairstyles and fashion. The way we go about this each year is that I chose the pictures and get them printed in time our anniversary week rolls around and then my husband helps chose the paper we will use. It’s the one time I’m not specific about layout because I’m really happy he has decided to scrapbook with me one time a year. In the end I adhere all the photos and clue the pictures down, write the captions and put the pages in our book. It’s a wonderful way to say ” I love you” without needing a gift.

I still need to do the journal part of this, as well as little fun facts or things we learned throughout the year but here’s our (almost completed) page:

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