Adjusting to Newsfeeds & attempting to become Tech Savy

I know I’m not “pc” on alot of my wording here (and my husband I’m sure is laughing at my Tech Savy coment) – but currently my goal for the week besides working on some personal projects is to become familiar with RSS Feeds (something Jon gave me a small lesson on yesterday) and also just g mail. I know with GMail and the “reader” feature I can stay up -to-date with current news topics as well as stay in-tune with personal interests. I can’t believe how much information and content is out there. I think alot of times I just search the web, go on Facebook and Twitter and forget that I could be spending that time teaching myself new things and reading more. They always say that the more a person reads the smarter they are – not just in reference to school text books – but also just everyday things. I have been out of school for a year now and I think its about time that I force myself to still read educational publications. Otherwise frankly I feel I am just making myself go dumb.

In other news – while driving to work this morning I heard a unique news story. A young boy decided to give his one week old puppy a bath in the toilet. However, while doing so he accidentally flushed the puppy down the toilet. Luckily they were able to get him out of the sewage after 4 hours of trial and error. Makes you smile and think about what all goes on in a days time.

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