A Taste of St. Louis

This past week I had the opportunity to travel to a new location for work. We had a conference in St. Louis for the National Association for College Admissions Counseling from Thursday until Saturday. Surprisingly the time in the car went by fast for me traveling down. I did manage to crochet 10 dish rags so I was also productive.

This was my first time in St. Louis and I really enjoyed the time spent there. We (my coworkers) had the chance to do some site seeing, eat some wonderful food and attend very worthwhile conference sessions. The one I enjoyed in particular was on the teenage mind and how they view the college admissions process. The reason I enjoyed it so much was because it made me really think about how other age groups think. It helped me reflect on my occupation and consider new approaches to meeting with students and breaking down the misconception that deciding on a college is such a challenge.

On the tourism side I really enjoyed visiting a very known cathedral in the St. Louis area, as well as a local brewery known to everyone local and nationwide, and visiting the arch. I hope one day Jon and I can travel to St. Louis and spend some time there site-seeing and doing the brewery tour.

It’s amazing how many different people live in St. Louis and just the city life. After being in a few large cities these past few years I felt a different “city vibe” from St. Louis. I was surprised it wasn’t as busy as I envisioned but it’s still a lovely city.

Overall it was a very fun-filled trip. I’m now back on the road for work this week and I’m happy I took this time after my fair to blog. It’s always enjoyable to have a little time to myself to write and just think about the experiences I had in the past weeks. I need to continue to keep up with this blog so hopefully this weekend when I’m home I can debut Jon’s childhood scrapbook I made, as well as a picture of all the dishrags. Until then God’s richest blessings on your week!

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