A memorable day to say the least.

Do you ever just have one of those days? You wake up and you know it was on the wrong side of the bed; you try to play music on the radio and it just annoys you. No matter what you do that you like it appears you will fail and the day has just been one that makes you want to crawl into bed and wake up in the morning. I rarely have those type of days. I’m generally quite content, very happy -go – lucky and fulfilled with the events in my day. Even if there are things that annoy me in a day it seems to turn around, or if I woke up tired I snap out of it after my morning routine (that included coffee). So, as you may guessed, let me enlighten you with a day I hope is never repeated.

I’m traveling for work this week. I went into the week knowing it was my final week on the road until the spring and that it was going to be a long one. I left on Monday afternoon, later than I had hoped for, but I arrived at my hotel in time to have dinner with my two cousins who attend college near the location I was working. The next few days would be filled with travel and work, feeling as though I was only somewhat staying caught up with emails etc. One thing I kept loosing was sleep. I’m a light sleeper and I generally adjust to the noise outside or a lack of an hour here or there. The rooms I stay in are comfortable temperature wise but this week has been abnormally warm, thus my hotel temps are all over the place and it was just roasting every night. Yes I’m a baby when it comes to noise so I can’t even fall asleep with a hotel heater/air conditioner on – that’s how pathetic it gets.

Anyways, I can handle the loss of sleep here and there. What I can’t handle is a group of girls staying next door who continually laugh throughout the evening into early morning, not allowing me to get my peaceful night of sleep. The first night I figured it was just the only night of it. Last night drew the final straw. at 12:30 I called to the front desk to request they remind the room next to me to respect quiet hours. I didn’t sleep well after that either because they were still loud.

So, welcome to my day. I woke up crabby, tired and knowing I had a long day ahead of me. I was, surprisngly, ahead of schedule getting out the door…until I couldn’t locate my car key. I knew I had it the night before but where did I put it? After rummaging through all of my things and emptying out my purse 2 times and my bags I found it in a bag with all my crocheting. Warm and frustrated I headed down to the car to load it up and grab my coffee mug and head to the continental. I was doing well with my eating all week so today was going to be waffle day. So, heading back into the hotel I realize I didn’t grab my coffee mug so I returned to the car, grabbed it and headed inside to discover they weren’t offering waffles today. I guess a few less calories doesn’t hurt me.I was still mad though.

So my day on the road was filled with slow drivers, tractors,  me missing my exits for the places I needed to go or being in the wrong lane and missing my turn. People were texting on their phone and driving slow which really annoys me. I dropped the keys in between the seats so I had to find those as I was already running behind, something was making a loud squeaking noise in the back so I had to stop and fix that and I was in a rush to get lunch and the lady in front of me at Arbys had to ask what was on pretty much ever sandwich on the menu. Then, getting up to the drive-through she had to pay with all change. When it was my turn to pay and get my food I had to wait for more fries to be done. Throughout the day I kept saying “why me?, why today?” and found myself talking out loud a few times quite annoyed (at myself and my tiredness). Don’t you wonder sometimes what makes you yell at yourself? Looking back I’m just laughing about it.

So I finally arrived at my hotel for the next two days. Just when I thought things would get worse the lady informed me they had free wi-fi and a complimentary drink ticket. Boo-ya! Finally a break in my miserable day. I headed to Green Mill for dinner and enjoyed a Bud Light and a Blackberry Chicken salad. Life was looking up and I was ready to go back and chill in my room.

For those who know me and my job I call students in the evening to ask about their college plans. I wanted to call a few tonight, just so I don’ t have as many next week when I have other things going on. I finally made the decision I would call for about 30 minutes and then finish the hat I was crocheting. I went over to the phone, pulled out my calling card and started dialing. Now, generally what you do is dial 9 , 1 and then your 800 xxx xxxx number. S0 I did – nothing. Great the phone isn’t going to work, similar to another hotel I was at a few weeks ago. Maybe I should try again, reading the directions on the phone more carefully. So, I dial 9 – 1 – 1 800 xxx xxxx. Weird dial and nothing. So I hang up and try it the first way again. Still didn’t work so I gave up. Then i realized “wait i dialed 911, crap!” I looked at the phone and was relived to see that it says Emergency is 9 – 911 so I was safe.

I started unpacking my clothes for tomorrow and figuring out what papers I needed for this fair I’m attending. I decided I’d start things out better tomorrow by going out to the car and getting my coffee mug to fill up at continental. I grabbed my hotel key, planning to get my coffee mug and print some directions off downstairs in the lobby. I head out my door and turn left and start walking. Not two seconds later 2 men in uniform come around the corner. Yep – that’s right: cops. Inside I panic, somewhat remembering “what if i did call 911?”. Nah. I continue to walk and hope they just keep walking passed me. Being nice to the men in uniform I say “hi there”. They stop and say “hi. Are you Tanya?”.  Lovely – add a bonus to this crappy day and let me explain to the cops I didn’t call 911 but I was trying to call for my work. They asked if I was OK and then I continued to explain the phone says you have to dial 9-911 for 911 so I thought I was fine because I never dialed that. So they turn around and basically say “mistakes happen and glad you’re alright”. Me, feeling like an idiot, decides to continue to walk to the car, laughing at myself for how crazy this day has turned out. I didn’t want to go to the lobby because obviously they were going back that way to explain it was a false alarm.

I got my mug and went back up to my room and called my husband, laughing at the entire story because he already heard me complain to him earlier tonight for my crappy day. After about 10 minutes I headed back to the lobby to print my papers and also apologize and inform the front desk about the whole 911 situation. I’m sitting there waiting in line because a man and his daughter were checking in. As I’m sitting there the man asks the receptionist, “so what’s going on tonight? We pulled in and the cops were here”. I couldn’t even resist, I didn’t even care. I laugh and say “that would be me…”. The front lady was super nice to me at check in- providing me with information, etc and so she just smiled and said “yes, accidents happen”.

What a day. Crazy as it seems, and yes I complained ALOT  so sorry about that, but days like today make me look forward to tomorrow and it just makes me realize how much I daily take for granted the days that go by I don’t get annoyed or frustrated. I know its makes sense to get frustrated and bothered but days like today, as I write about all the annoying things that happened, I realized how much God really makes my days enjoyable more than not. I’m so grateful for that. I think a lot of times I go through the day content and just happy, but it’s days like today I crave for my normal routine of  simplicity.

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  1. Tanya says:

    Thanks Lesa – I really wanted to do a family one so I can keep my hobbies and interests on one (mostly my cooking!) and then do a family one in case people just want to read about our family stuff. I’m being a nerd and linking posts from one page or another so step-by-step instructions are on my site but I’ll refer to them on our family one. 🙂

    I can’t remember the theme. I tend to search for them every month and switch because I can’t make up my mind for the direction I want to go. This is more “hobby” like so I chose it.

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