A Book of Memories

For those who know me, I love to scrapbook. I enjoy taking photographs and telling a story on paper, I love mixing colors, I love photography. Last year I had the privilege of being around for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and I actually worked on a sideshow for their  party. While working on these photos I was inspired to create a scrapbook for myself and my husband for our marriage in hopes that in 50 years we can look back and remember all the things we shared together.

I’m all about starting traditions for our family of 2 here since we started dating. For example, on Valentines day Jon isn’t allowed to buy me flowers (unless fake) because they die and they are way overpriced for such a holiday. We also don’t go out to eat- we always plan a meal and Jon cooks it for me usually. So, for our anniversary I thought what better way to say ” I love you” than for Jon to spend about a half hour or so putting together a 2 page scrapbook layout of the previous year of our lives. It’s a fun way to recap all the different activities that took place (great practice for our upcoming christmas letter too!) and just doing something that is not Jon’s top 10 choice activities, but something I really appreciate he does.

I really am looking forward to looking at all of these  in a few years – we’ve been very blessed these past two years to be able to spend time with family, friends and travel around. I anticipate we’ll have many more memories in the upcoming year – especially with two of our siblings getting married, so we shall see what happens!

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