50 yrs

My grandparents celebrated 50 years of marriage in October. it was a wonderful time for myself and my husband, Jon, to go home and spend time with all the immediate family.Cake
There was an afternoon celebration for my grandparents. We had a slideshow and some snacks at a supper club type place. It was very nice. After that we all went to church together and then hung out at their house. I really believe their day was extra special because all of their kids and grandkids showed up for the occasion.

To celebrate their 50 yrs they are taking their children to Mexico for vacation.

On a day like theirs, the celebration of 50 years together, it makes reflect on the powerful and loving word “marriage”. In today’s society people get married and don’t blink about the “d” word as an option. I look at my grandparents and the love they have and demonstrate for each other and I wonder how the concept of marriage has changed since when they first started courting.

From my grandparents I have learned many life lessons, one of which was to find someone you truly love and respect, and when the time comes and is right, say a vow that demonstrates such action and then live by it. I look forward to the day, Lord willing, that I can celebrate 50 years with my husband. Who knows where we will be, what our lives will have been up to that point, but I’m excited to find out!

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